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PPT Silica Used in Toothpaste as Abrasive
Oct 29, 2018


                                  PPT Silica (Silicon Dioxide)Used in Toothpaste as Abrasive

Silica as Abrasive

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of silica, fumed silica and precipitated silica, and the toothpaste used in precipitated silica, toothpaste is mainly used as abrasive and thickener.

Toothpaste can be decontamination, mainly depends on the role of abrasives in toothpaste. There are many kinds of friction agents used in toothpaste, and their properties are also different. The morphology of precipitated silica is a soft sphere. Its frictional value, hardness and abrasive coefficient are all suitable. It has no abrasion or damage to the enamel and gum, and has the ability of cleaning teeth. It has the advantages of non-toxic, odorless and chemical stability, so it is not an ideal toothpaste friction agent. It has a smooth, even and soft hard medium. It can increase the friction between foam and toothpaste in the process of brushing. The detergency can not only clean the teeth, but also reduce the wear and tear to the teeth.

1. Can produce anti dental caries toothpaste containing active fluoride.

Only silica can react with the fluorine-containing additive sodium fluoride to form sodium fluosilicate, in which fluoride ions can swim out when brushing teeth, forming active fluoride, playing a role in preventing caries.

2. silica can play a role as a transparent agent in toothpaste.

The refractive index of silica is between 1.45 and 1.5, which is very close to the refractive index of other ingredients in toothpaste, so when mixed together, it acts as a transparent agent, which is used to make transparent toothpaste.

3. the porous and hairy tubules in the precipitated silica structure form strong adsorbability.

With the strong adsorption of silica, many kinds of drugs are added into toothpaste, which can be absorbed into the carrier of drugs. Many kinds of drug ointments are produced. When toothpaste is used, the drugs are released slowly, playing the role of antibacterial, bactericidal, desensitization, gingivitis prevention, stone prevention, plaque prevention and so on. This is also the function of other abrasives.



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