Jinsha Precipitated Silica Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is one of the leading and largest manufacturers and suppliers of precipitated silica in China. Our main products include silica powder and silica granular. And the main applications are silica for rubber, silica for carrier and free-flow, silica for flatting and thickening, silica for tires, silica for silicone rubber made in Shaxian Sanming, Fujian, China
Main Products and Service: Silica for Rubber,Silica for Carrier and Free-Flow,Silica for Flatting Thickening.


>Warmly Celebrate JK Silica Getting The REACH ...

Warmly celebrate JK Silica getting the REACH Certificate by Europen Chemical Agency

>Indonesia Customer Place An New Order

Indonesia Customer Place an New Order for Precipitated Silica.


In 2007, passed ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification;
In 2009, the company’s "Tao Jin Shan" brand was named Fujian famous trademarks;
In 2010, passed GB/T19022-2003/ ISO10012:2003 management system certification measurements;
In 2011, the company's "Tao Jin Shan" brand silica products were awarded Fujian famous brand.
In 2012, passed TS16949: 2009 management system certification (certificate of unclaimed) and was identified as high-tech enterprise.
In 2014, passed FAMI-QS
In 2015, passed HALAL Products certification
In 2016, pre-registered for REACH
In 2017, passed RoHS issued by SGS
In 2018, passed GHS-MSDS issued by PONY
In 2018, passed full registration for REACH.