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What is sio2 hydrophobic?
Dec 30, 2018
Sio2 Hydrophobic

Silica by silane treatmen or silica by surface treatment. White amorphous fine powder. It is hydrophobic. Soluble in caustic potash (sodium). Do not dissolve in water and acid. Non-toxic. Tasteless. Non-corrosive. No burning, no oxidation. High temperature does not decompose. The sodium ions are removed by ion exchange from the diluted water glass, and hydrochloric acid is added to carry out acid hot reflux concentration, and a solvent of dimethyldichlorosilane monomer is added for hydrophobic treatment, and the solvent is removed and dried. Mainly used as silicone rubber reinforcing agent, plastic filler, and thickener for coatings and inks.

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