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Silica for Matting Agents
Oct 24, 2018

                                                                            Silica for Matting Agents

Matting Agent Silica

Paint formulators not only require maximum efficiency combined with easy dispersibility, they also require that matting agents have a minimum negative effect on other paint properties.

The silica matting agent product range has beenspecially developed to meet the following demands:

. high shear stability, resistance to overgrind

. no formation of hard sediments in the coatings

during storage

. no effect on drying properties

. no negative effect on intercoat adhesion

. smooth, abrasion resistant films of high surface quality

. high transparency, no haze formation

. minimal effect on mechanical film properties,e.g. hardness or flexibility

. minimal effect on weathering

Silicon dioxide matting agent, because of its small particle size and porous material, sinks slowly in the paint and many of the film surface remains on the surface when dry, forming a small bump, so that the incident light becomes scattered diffuse reflection, glossiness decreases, but it does not affect the smooth appearance and feel of the film. The addition of organic matting agent makes the film fullness, scratch resistance, wear resistance and deposit resistance better.


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