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Applications of SiO2
Jul 24, 2018

                  Applications of SiO2/Precipitated Silica 


Since the industrial production of 1940s, the white carbon black products have been widely used in all kinds of life since the industrial production of more than 60 years. Besides being widely used as reinforcing agents in rubber products, it can also be used in the pharmaceutical industry, pesticide, ink, paint, paint, toothpaste, paper, food, feed, cosmetics, and cosmetics. Battery and other industries.

Medicine industry

White carbon black has a physiological inertia, high absorbability, dispersion and thickening. It has been widely used in drug preparation, for example, paramattin E powder is now used as a carrier of white carbon black.

5. Pesticide industry

The main role of silica in the pesticide industry is as a carrier to improve fluidity and prevent agglomeration. At present, silica is mainly used in various wettable powders.

Application in ink

Silica plays a major thickening role in ink, used to control the flow of printing ink. It is also used to control the flow of printer ink, so that it can not be arbitrarily flowing or hanging, in order to obtain a clear print.

SiO2 for the extinction agent of paint and paint

White carbon black is widely used in water and solvent transparent wood coatings (wood varnish), high solid coatings, architectural coatings, wallpaper coatings, etc.

Because of the many functions of the white carbon black products, it has become an indispensable additive in many industrial sectors, especially the small pollution in the production environment, and has a broad prospect for development.