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Silica for Protective and Marine Coatings
Jul 30, 2018

                                                            Silica for Protective and Marine Coatings

silica for coating and painting.jpeg

This water tower in Warwick, Rhode Island is coated with the painting with precipitated silica. Still looking great 12 years later!

The scientific name of silica is: Precipitated hydrated silica.

Definition: Precipitated hydrated silica is a material consisting of amorphous particles precipitated from soluble silicate water.

Chemical molecular formula: SiO2. NH2O

Physical properties

Appearance: white powder or granular or irregular block.

True density: about 2.0g/ml false density: about 0.2g/ml (common product).

High temperature resistance, no combustion; good electrical insulation.

Silica powder uses a special manufacturing technique and features high transparency, high oil absorption, high specific surface area, large pore volume, good matting performance, and good anti-settling properties. It is widely used in the paints, coatings, and inks industries. Adding silica will improve the viscosity of coatings and paints, thus enhancing the convenience in using these materials.