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Silica for shoes sole and other rubber pfoducts
Jul 17, 2018

        Silicon Dioxide(silica powder) for shoes sole and other rubber products


White carbon black has high black and white and fine particles. The vulcanizate made from silica has high transparency and can improve the comprehensive physical properties of the rubber. Therefore, silica as the main reinforcing filler is widely used in rubber shoes production, especially in transparent and translucent sole compound. At present, most Korean shoe manufacturers in China are using highly transparent and transparent silica.

 In the production of adhesive tape, a large amount of white carbon black (SiO2)is added to improve its wear resistance. At the same time, silanol on the white carbon black surface improves the wetting degree of the adhesive and fabric, which is beneficial to the diffusion and penetration of the adhesive.

In addition to the above products, silica is also used in rubber rollers, rubber hoses, rubber plates, wires and cables, household appliances, and rubber parts in stationery and sports products.