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Warmly Celebrate JK Silica Getting The REACH Certificate By Europen Chemical Agency
Aug 22, 2018

             Warmly celebrate JK Silica getting the REACH Certificate by Europen Chemical Agency

Warmly celebrate Jinsha Precipitated Silica Manufacturing Co.,LTD. getting the  REACH Certificate for silica by Europen Chemical Agency , for enlarge the Europe Market laid a solid foundation.



 Our products includes silica used in rubber industry,feed and food industry,paingting &coating and pharmacy.

Precipitated for Rubber products

White carbon black is used in color rubber products to replace carbon black for reinforcement, to meet the needs of white or transparent products. Silica also has super adhesion, tear resistance, heat resistance and aging resistance, so it can be used in black rubber products to replace some of the carbon black, in order to obtain high quality rubber products, such as off-road tires, engineering tires, radial tires and so on.

Silica powder for Agricultural chemicals

In agricultural chemicals, such as pesticides, high-efficiency fertilizer spraying, the use of silica as carrier or diluent, disintegrant, disintegrant in water dispersible granule WDG can improve the suspension rate, the recommended content of about 10%. It can maintain lasting effect because of its high surface area, high adsorption, easy suspension, good affinity and chemical stability. Even in rainwater, washing and hot conditions, it can remain unchanged for a long time.

Sio2 for Daily chemical products

The transparent colored and opaque toothpaste with silica as filler and abrasive agent has good flexibility and dispersibility, smooth, soft and abrasive paste, and does not abrasive the tube of toothpaste. It can keep the drug toothpaste stable. In particular, it has good compatibility with fluoride, which can avoid calcium salt as an abrasive to produce insoluble salts.

Cementing agent

Thixotropy and reinforcement are provided in adhesives made from natural or synthetic rubber, and because of their extensibility, they can also increase adhesion and are of high quality and low cost.

Silica as Anti caking agent

Silica can be used in some products to improve free flowability, such as grass fertilizers, fungicides, grinding wheel abrasives, laundry bleaching agents, phenolic injection urotropine, phenol and urea plastics, rubber sulfur and anti-caking mixtures.

Papermaking filler

Using silica as paper filler can improve ink resistance and mechanical strength, increase whiteness and reduce unit weight of paper. It can effectively lighten the paper, reduce the production cost and improve the performance of paper.

In addition, it can also be used in many industries such as fire fighting agents, feedstuffs, cosmetics, matting agents, paints, paints and so on.

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