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Good News! Our Hydrophobic Silica Has Been Approved By Lotte Chemical.
Sep 17, 2018

                  Our hydrophobic silica JS-682 has been approved by LOTTE Chameical


Today,we are fortunately informed that our hydrophobic silica has approved by LOTTE Chemical.

LOTTE Chemical is the  Asia’s top chemical company, LOTTE Chemical strives to become a global chemical company that 
genuinely cares for the improvement of humanity’s living conditions while maintaining a balance with the environment.

Hydrophobic precipitated silica As a mixed organic-inorganic material hydrophobized with organic dressing agent in the precipitated solution, the hydrophobic precipitated silica we produce has the following characteristics: high surface activity, low hygroscopicity, enhanced dispersibility in organic medium and excellent polymer compatibility.  And it also has the rheological capability to adjust the polar system, add the transparent/semi-transparent characteristics for rubber products.

Applications of hydrophobic precipitated silica:

Rheological agent: separant for emulsion, anti-settling agent for paints/coatings/inks/toners, thickening agent, thixotropic agent, anti-block agent for plastic film;

Powder glidant: for powder extinguishing agent and powder coats;

Granula agent and dispersion agent for pesticides;

Carrier for explosive;

Thickening agent for Adhesives and various kinds of polar liquid like epoxy resin;

Defoaming agent:

Abrasive agent for tooth paste;

Reinforcing agent for organic silica elastomer;

With the hydrophobic and anti-corrosion characteristics, the hydrophobic precipitated silica can also enhance the insulating property for cables and cords.  And with the high reinforcement, the hydrophobic precipitated silica is widely used in the industrial plastic, modified plastic and silicon rubber.