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Welcome The Customers From Korea For The Hydrophobic Silica
Dec 13, 2018

                                   Welcome the customers from Korea for the Hydrophobic Silica 


On Dec.12,two customers from Korea visited our factory discussing about our hydrophobic PPT silica.

Hydrophobic silica is a kind of porous amorphous silica with white powder shape. Its primary particle size is nano-particles and the final particle size is 2-3um. When it is mixed with rubber, plastics and paint, it can make the product have various good physical properties. It is used as a good filler for light-colored natural rubber and artificial rubber products. On the one hand, it reduces the amount of rubber, reduces the cost, and on the other hand, it can reduce the cost of rubber. It can improve the hardness, abrasion resistance, reduce deformation and increase oil resistance of rubber products; when used in latex plastic leather and light material products, it is easy to defilm and form, and reduce the weight of products; when used in wire and cable, it can improve its insulation performance; when used in paint ink, it is a good thickener; when used in paint, it has excellent high temperature resistance, so this product Widely used in rubber, plastics, leather, paint, sports and cultural goods and other industries.

Our poduct JS-682 is a kind of hydrophobic precipitated silica ,it is cheaper than fumed silica,but it can replace fumed silica in some product.

Our factory has passed the full registration of REACH.

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