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The White Carbon Giant Cabot, Announced That The Price Of Gaseous Silica And Silica Sol Increased By 15%
May 11, 2018

       The white carbon giant Cabot, announced that the price of gaseous silica and          silica solincreased by 15%


The world's white carbon black giant Cabot Corporation recently issued a price increase announcement, announcing that since May 30th, the price of silica and silica sol will be raised worldwide, with a rise of up to 15%.

Cabot said that the increase in product prices was mainly due to the increase in raw materials and transportation costs, and the growing demand for products from the market.

Cabot, in cooperation with Hengye, invested 400 million RMB in Wuhai, Inner Mongolia, to build a gas phase SiO2 plant with a annual capacity of 8 thousand tons. It is expected to be completed in 2019 and will further expand its share in the China white carbon market after production.

At present, China's white carbon and silicone market is still hot, and the price of products continues to run high, reaching the highest point in history. As a giant company with global influence, Cabot's price rise will undoubtedly explode the white carbon and organosilicon market again, leading to a new wave of price rises.