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The Future Direction Of Application Of White Carbon Is Ecological And Efficient
Jun 25, 2018

                   The future direction of application of white carbon balck is enviromental and efficient


With the continuous improvement of production capacity and technology level, the future growth of silica (SiO2)demand is mainly concentrated on the following aspects.


The first is green tires. Green tires, also known as environmental or low pollution tires, refer to the use of high dispersion precipitated silica to replace carbon black in the formula of tires, in order to reduce the rolling resistance of tires, reduce oil consumption and reduce the environmental effect of automobile exhaust emissions. It is widely accepted with the characteristics of comfort, safety, environmental protection and energy saving. The adoption of highly dispersed precipitated silica to reduce tire rolling resistance has become the direction of tire development.


The second is high temperature silicone rubber. It is introduced that silicone rubber has excellent characteristics such as high / low temperature, weather resistance, hydrophobicity, electrical insulation, physical inertia and so on. It has been widely used in defense industry, electronic and electrical, medical and health, industrial and agricultural production and people's daily life. In recent years, it has maintained a good momentum of development. The demand for high temperature silicone rubber in China in 2011 is expected to beup to 255 thousand tons. As a reinforcing agent for silicone rubber products, the amount of high dispersive precipitated silica is generally 1% to 20%. Therefore, the high dispersive precipitated silica in hot vulcanized silicone rubber can reach 50 thousand tons.


The third is the use of paint as a light agent. Recently, the domestic precipitating white carbon black light dispersing agent has made considerable progress in its dispersivity, high transparency, storage stability and extinction. Therefore, the domestic precipitant in the medium and low end coatings has a large share of the precipitant in the market.


The fourth is used for abrasive type toothpaste to precipitate white carbon black is one of the main varieties of the current toothpaste friction agent. Although the application time of white carbon black in toothpaste is not long, but it has shown a variety of functions, more and more toothpaste manufacturers have chosen domestic high dispersion precipitation method white carbon black.


In addition, China is a large country in the production and use of batteries. There will be great demand for white carbon black in battery separator with special precipitating method in the future.


Whether it is the appearance of green tires, or the emergence of new products like high temperature silicone rubber, it is a milestone like leap for the white carbon industry in China. Under the demand of the international environment, we should firmly grasp the domestic and foreign markets, through technological innovation, strong joint and cooperation between enterprises, the entry of foreign capital, and the establishment of information platform, to further improve the industrial output value of white carbon black in China, and strive for the great development of white carbon black.