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Increasing Deman Energy-efficient Tires To Boost The Global Precipitated Silica(White Carbon Black) Market Through 2021
Jan 10, 2017

The market study covers the present scenario and growth prospects of the global  precipitated silica market for 2017-2021. The report also lists       end-user industries such as an automobile, cosmetics, electronics, and agricultureto arrive at the size of the market.

According to Chandrakumar Badala Jaganathan, a lead analyst at Technavio for specialty chemicals research, “The growing application of precipitated  silica in the cosmetics, and food and beverage industries is supporting      the growth of the market, which will be further strengthened by the growing economies of Brazil and APAC.”

       Increasing demand for energy-efficient tires in the automotive industry

  • Food and feed products driving precipitated silica market

  • Increasing applications in adhesives and sealants

  • Increasing demand for energy-efficient tires in the automotive industry    

  • The flourishing automotive industry is the largest end-user industry for the precipitated silica market. In the automotive industry, precipitated       silica is predominantly used in various applications such as automotive       tire production, coating and paint applications, adhesive and sealant       applications.

    Precipitated silica-made tires are generally called green tires due to their high fuel efficiency. Shifting       customer preferences has led to the growth of automobiles with a significant focus on environment and safety concerns. The automotive       industry has introduced several such automobile models, which include       fuel-efficient, lightweight, and low-emission vehicles.

    Food and feed products driving precipitated silica market    

    Precipitated silica is predominantly used in food and feed products as a       carrier and free flowing agent. Precipitated silica is used to maintain       the free flow of powders and prevent clumping. Precipitated silica       absorbs the excess moisture from food and feed products and helps them       appear fresh.

    “Increase in the global population and growth of the economy has led       to an increase in the production and consumption of food and feed       products, which, in turn, has improved the sales of precipitated silica       products in the market,” says Chandrakumar.    

    Increasing applications in adhesives and sealants    

    Adhesives and sealants are one of the major application segments of the       precipitated silica market. Precipitated silica products are used as a       thickening, stabilizing, and reinforcing agent in adhesive and sealant       applications. The evenly distributed silica particles in liquid       adhesives increase the hardening speed and enhance the bond strength       between solid surfaces.

    Precipitated silica-based adhesives and sealants are used in the chemical and pesticide industry and       are used in the conversion of liquid chemicals to powder form. The       growth of the global adhesives and sealants market in recent years is       driving the growth of the global precipitated silica market.