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Expert Analysis Of Fire In Dahongmen: Rubber Shoes With Carbon Black After Burning Black Smoke And Strong
May 30, 2016

Beijing News newsletter (reporter Tim Wang) this afternoon, red color plate warehouse caught fire and a lumber mill with a lot of smoke from the Shijingshan, yizhuang, East SI Huan to Tiananmen Square almost "can be seen throughout the city", the smoke has lasted more than three hours. Beijing news reporters learned that fire warehouse is mainly used for stacking lots of rubber shoes, filled with strong rubber smell.

Why a lot of black smoke after the fire of rubber? Beijing declined to fire experts in understanding the background of the fire, said the structure of natural rubber is a polymer of isoprene, itself containing large amounts of carbon, burning black smoke itself. The burning rubber shoes are made of synthetic rubber. Synthetic rubber will be artificially added carbon black, to reinforce and improve wear resistance, lower costs. Synthetic rubber burning, because the material contains carbon black, the formation of more black smoke, also can form harmful gases.