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Effect Of Silica Adding In Reclycled Rubber Products
Jan 28, 2019


                              Effect of silica adding in reclycled rubber products

When rubber products are produced with recycled rubber, silica is often added to the product formulation as a reinforcing agent. Silica has good reinforcing properties in reclycle rubber, especially in the production of white, light and color rubber products. The most commonly used is to add it to tires and rubber shoes of various vehicles.

silica used in recycle rubber

Adding a certain amount of silica to the tire tyre can improve the wear resistance and wet skid resistance of the tire tyre, reduce the sliding resistance and improve the life and safety of zsj tire. It is commonly used in the production of tire tread by using high dispersive precipitation silica and coupling agent. Relevant data show that adding 10 to 20 phr of silica in the formula of tire tread products can significantly improve the bonding and tear resistance, and enhance the tire's grip on the road surface.

Silica has good reinforcing, wear resistance, skid resistance and upper adhesiveness. It is used to produce soles with beautiful tone, comfortable and light weight. For example, when white pure latex recycled rubber is used to produce transparent or translucent rubber soles, adding silica as reinforcing filler can improve the physical and comprehensive properties of soles, because silica has high whiteness and fine particles, resulting in vulcanization. The glue has high transparency.

Silica can also be used in rubber belts, hoses, cots, plywood, wires and cables to improve the wear resistance of various reclaimed rubber products and prolong their service life.

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