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Hydrophobic silica (Precipitated Silica)
Jun 05, 2018

                                                         Hydrophobic silica (Precipitated Silica)



Hydrophobic white carbon black is a porous amorphous silica with a white powder shape. Its primary particle size is nano particles. The finest product, such as the final particle size is 5 ~ 6um. After mixing with rubber, plastic and paint, it can make the product have all kinds of good physical properties. It is used as a light color product of natural rubber and artificial rubber. Good filling agent, on the one hand reduce the amount of rubber, reduce cost, on the other hand, can improve the hardness of rubber products, wear resistance, reduce deformation, increase oil resistance; used in latex plastic leather, light material products, easy to remove film and molding, reduce the weight of products; used in wire and cable, can improve it Insulation performance; used in paint ink, is a good thickener; the paint has excellent high temperature resistance, so this product is widely used in rubber, plastic, leather, paint, sports cultural products and other industries.

Application areas:

Hydrophobic silica has high surface activity and has transparent and translucent properties in some rubber products. It is especially suitable for light, bright, transparent and translucent rubber products. In addition, it can be used as an isolating agent for latex, anti precipitation agent of paint ink, thickener, thixotropic agent, all kinds of plastic film's opening agent, pesticide granule, dispersant, adhesive material and light material products and toothpaste abrasives, and can be used in the middle and high grade atomic ash series products.