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Differences between Carbon Black and Precipitated Silica
Aug 27, 2018

             Differences between Carbon Black and Precipitated Silica

Carbon black and precipitated silica(SiO2) can both be used in rubber industry,and what are the differences between carbon black and precipitated silica?

   Please see as below:

Carbon   Black

Precipitated   Silica

Main   Composition


Silicon   Dioxide

Formation   Mechanism

Thermal   decomposition and agglomeration in a very short time

Slowly   formed during settlement and subsequent ripening.

Physical   Surface

Graphite,   semicolor state

Amorphous   structure

Surface   groups

A   small number of different groups

Massive   homogeneous distribution (-OH)

Surface   affinity



The   effect of S vulcanization


It   has a considerable impact on cross-linking.

Conductance   characteristics

Medium   conduction