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  • SiO2 For Silicone Rubber

    Contact NowSiO2 For Silicone RubberRead More

  • Sio2 Hydrophobic

    Contact NowSio2 HydrophobicSpeciality Sio2 Hydrophobic Hydrophobic silica is generally a post-treated product. Different types of precipitated silica can be used as the starting material to react with a suitable compound through a silicon hydrocarbyl group; this product is hydrophobic due to the surface-linked...Read More

  • SiO2 As Anti Clumping Agent For Animal Feed

    Contact NowSiO2 As Anti Clumping Agent For Animal FeedSiO2 Granular as Anti Clumping Agent for Animal Feed Silica (chemical formula: SiO2) is an acidic oxide hydrate, corresponding silicate (H2SiO3). Silica insoluble in water, insoluble in acids, but soluble in hydrofluoric acid and hot concentrated phosphoric acid, capable of acting with molten...Read More

  • SiO2 For Adhesive And Sealant

    Contact NowSiO2 For Adhesive And SealantSiO2 as Reinforcing Agent for Adhesive and Sealant Application of Silicon Dioxide in adhesives and sealants: In the adhesive and sealant, nano-silica mainly as a reinforcing agent and additives, play a rheological control, anti-settlement, to prevent sagging and reinforcement role. Silica...Read More

  • SiO2 Nanopowder (Hydrophobic Silica)

    Contact NowSiO2 Nanopowder (Hydrophobic Silica)SiO2 Nanopowder (Hydrophobic Silica) Speciality Silica Hydrophobic Silica JS-681/682 As a mixed organic-inorganic material hydrophobized with organic dressing agent in the precipitated solution, the hydrophobic precipitated silica we produce has the following characteristics: high surface...Read More

  • SiO2 Powder As Carrier In Agriculture

    Contact NowSiO2 Powder As Carrier In AgricultureSiO2 powder as carrier in agriculture Precipitated silica used in solid pesticide formulations Solid agrochemical formulations have been many years of history, cocoon production of wettable powder (WP), granules (GR) and water dispersant (WG). The advantage of the granule formulation is that...Read More

  • SiO2 For Animal Feed

    Contact NowSiO2 For Animal FeedBasic Info Model NO.: JS-95MP Grade Standard: Industrial Grade Quality: First Class Mf: Sio2 Purity: 98% Specification: ISO, REACH & CE. HS Code: 28112290 Classification: Silicon Dioxide Kind: Silicon Dioxide CAS No.: 7631-86-9 Einecs No.: 31-545-4 Appearance: White Mirco-Pearl Melting...Read More

  • SiO2 Made In China For Paingting As Flatting Agents

    Contact NowSiO2 Made In China For Paingting As Flatting AgentsSiO2 Made in China for Paingting as Flatting Agents SiO2 also called precipitated silica or silicon dioxide,it is widely used in many kinds of products in many industries.In rubber industry,it is used as reinforce agents,and in pharmaceutical and pesticide as carrier.This product JS-280C is used...Read More

  • Feed Grade Silica/SiO2 For Feedstuff Carrier

    Contact NowFeed Grade Silica/SiO2 For Feedstuff CarrierJS-95 Application: As carrier agent for animal feed additive Product Description Characteristics: Amorphous precipitated silica Aspect: Micro-pearl CAS No.: 7631-86-9 EINECS No.: 231-545-4 Product Specifications: Test Method: DB35/T1208-2011 Benefits: 1. Micropearl silica is fluid, dense and...Read More

  • Precipitated Silica(SiO2) Powder for Coatings Paintes and Inks/Silica Matting Agents

    Contact NowPrecipitated Silica(SiO2) Powder for Coatings Paintes and Inks/Silica Matting AgentsThis series of products uses a special manufacturing technique and features high transparency, high oil absorption, high specific surface area, large pore volume, good matting performance, and good anti-settling properties. It is widely used in the paints, coatings, and inks industries. Adding silica will improve the viscosity of coatings and paints, thus enhancing the convenience in using these materials.Read More