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Hydrated Silica (also named precipitated silica) is a mineral that is bound to water molecules. This is different from Silica, also known as Silicon Dioxide, which is not bound to water and not the same chemical composition at all.
  • PPT Silica For Toothpaste As Thickening Agent

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    PPT Silica For Toothpaste As Thickening Agent

    Thickening agent in toothpaste can increase viscosity and stabilize paste. It can increase the apparent viscosity of the paste, and make the heavy abrasives and polishing particles suspend , prevent the separation of solid and liquid components in toothpaste.The performance... Read More

  • Silica Used As Matting Agents

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    Silica Used As Matting Agents

    Paint formulators not only require maximum efficiency combined with easy dispersibility, they also require that matting agents have a minimum negative effect on other paint properties.The matting agent product range with silcia has been specially developed to meet the... Read More

  • Silicas For Food Products

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    Silicas For Food Products

    Silicas for the food products For proper handling of food or food ingredients in powder form, it is important to identify the correct flow properties and influencing parameters.Clumpy or poor flowing powders are difficult to transport or dose accurately. Further processing... Read More

  • Silica For Matting Agent

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    Silica For Matting Agent

    Silica for Matting Agent Dispersion is the process of deagglomerating, wetting,evenly distributing and stabilizing pigment particles. Aswith all pigments and fillers, silica matting agents tend to agglomerate during storage and shipment. Due to strong attraction and... Read More

  • Silica Powder For Detergent

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    Silica Powder For Detergent

    Silica Powder for Detergent The detergent powder which uses precipitated silica instead of sodium tripolyphosphate as an assistant agent of the detergent powder can reduce or avoid the environmental pollution caused by phosphorus, is easier to disperse in water than the... Read More

  • Hydrophobic Silica For Plastic Products

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    Hydrophobic Silica For Plastic Products

    Hydrophobic Silica for Plastic Products Silicon dioxide used in plastics is called silica in plastics industry. It is a kind of material with large specific surface area after special treatment. White carbon black can be used as filling materials in polyethylene,... Read More

  • Precipitated Silica For Food Products

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    Precipitated Silica For Food Products

    Precipitated Silica for Food Industry Hygroscopic products, like table salts or orga nicsubstances like sugar or cocoa absorb moisture from the air depending on the Relative Humidity(RH) and can adhere together and get sticky.Caking can also occur when powders are not... Read More

  • Silica Product For Toothpaste As Abrasive

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    Silica Product For Toothpaste As Abrasive

    Dental Silica/Silica Product for Toothpaste as Abrasive Silica used in toothpaste includes amorphous silica and colloidal silica, the former is toothpaste friction agent, the latter is toothpaste thickener. JS-150 is a silica for dental products. Friction silicon dioxide in... Read More

  • SiO2 For Glass Microsphere

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    SiO2 For Glass Microsphere

    Silicon Dioxide for Glass Microsphere/Glass Beads Hollow glass microsphere is a hollow glass sphere with small size. It belongs to inorganic nonmetallic materials. The typical particle size range is 10-180 microns, and the bulk density is 0.1-0.25 g / cubic centimeter. It has... Read More

  • Silica For Glass Microsphere

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    Silica For Glass Microsphere

    Silica powder/silicon dioxide/precipitated silica for glass microsphere Glass microspheres are microscopic spheres of glass manufactured for a wide variety of uses in research , medicine , consumer goods and various industries. The hollow glass microspheres can be used in... Read More

  • Amouphous Silica For Opening Agent

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    Amouphous Silica For Opening Agent

    Amouphous Silica/Silicon Dioxide/Silica Powder for opening agent Silica opening agent is a kind of synthetic amorphous silica. It is an efficient anti adhesion agent, anticoagulant and opening agent. It is used as an efficient opening agent for polyolefin film and... Read More

  • SiO2 For Lead Acid Battery Separators

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    SiO2 For Lead Acid Battery Separators

    Silica powder for Lead Acid Battery Separators/ PE Sepatators/PE MembraneFor Lead Acid Battery The septum with silicon doxide is located between the cathode and the negative electrode. The main function is to separate the positive and negative active substances and prevent... Read More

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