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Precipitated Silica Average Annual Market Growth Or 5.8%
May 30, 2016

Is silica, the main ingredient of white carbon black, white powder, which belongs to the high-end products in carbon black. Silica is an important reinforcement of rubber industry raw materials, mainly used for tires, shoes and other light colored rubber products in industries such as pesticides, feed, used as carriers or mobile agents in toothpaste as a rubbing agent in the paint industry, as dispersants and anti-settling agents or matting agent.

"Lone Star" brand is specified by the China rubber industry association Association recommended brand, is China's Hebei brand-name recognized top ten brands and quality of carbon black. The export of white carbon black produced by Lone Star chemical company limited, the company is specializing in production of carbon black used in rubber company, Michelin tires, Bridgestone tires, well-known companies such as Goodyear tire dealer, owns 5 wholly owned subsidiaries.