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On Mars, Silica-rich Soil
May 30, 2016

When you walk on Mars, which found some lighter than the color of the soil. So you stop, turn around, go back to careful analysis of the soil, and found that their ingredients are almost pure silicon dioxide – quartz and glass of the main ingredient. This soil has not previously been found on Mars. Why would form the soil at all? We know that you are roaming the spirit Rover on Mars, of course you can take photos and data sent back to Earth for analysis. This blue water-rich planets on your scientist friends will tell you, source of this soil is usually not volcanic hot springs. One hypothesis stated that Mars some of the past may be rich in water, after the warm springs overflow, the silica-rich soil will settle. Funny thing is, on Earth microbes grow, flourish in this environment. Figure on the right can see part of this new discovery is lighter than the color of soil.