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Has Developed New Silica Product For Abrasive Agents For Toothpaste
Nov 27, 2018


                                   Has developed new silica product for abrasive agents for toothpaste


On Nov.27,three Russia customers visit our factory.They atempt to develop new product for toothpaste as abrasive agents.After visiting the whole production line factory and test sample,they comfirmed the sample.The next step is testing our silica product for toothpaste diretly on the produciton line. 

The application of silica for the toothpaste as below:

1. The physical and chemical properties of silica used in toothpaste are stable, and it does not react with other components in toothpaste (such as fluoride, Chinese herbal medicine, spices, etc.), so it has the best compatibility.

2. Silicon dioxide for toothpaste is a safe and non-toxic food additive and drug excipient widely used in the world. Because of its stable physical and chemical properties, it will not interact with human gastric juice and saliva, so it has the best safety.

3. The density of silica gel used in toothpaste is lower than that of other materials, which means that more toothpaste can be produced with the same weight of paste.

4. Different types of silica gel for toothpaste can meet the requirements of high cleanliness and high RDA value, low RDA requirement of gum protection to protect exposed dentin (the elderly and the people with damaged teeth), as well as the requirement of adding some health care and therapeutic drugs for beneficial oral cavity.

5. As an excellent stabilizer, silica used in toothpaste has been widely used in food, beverage, medicine and other fields. For example, as a beer stabilizer only, the world consumes tens of thousands of tons every year. Silica gel used in toothpaste has excellent storage stabilizer, especially to improve the stability of fluoride in anti-caries toothpaste. Appropriate.

We have pass the full registrateion of REACH.

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