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  • Precipitated Silica Powder/Granular for Tires ISO China Supplier

    Contact NowPrecipitated Silica Powder/Granular for Tires ISO China SupplierThe JS-HD series of high-dispersion and high-reinforcement precipitated silica are used in tires to effectively improve tire performance. This application features advantages including: 1. Reduced rolling resistance of tires which leads to lower fuel consumption, and improved wet traction and safety performance; 2. Enhance processability of tires with superior tensile strength, tear strength, elongation at break, etc; 3. Lower cost of production due to the replacement of carbon black by precipitated silica.Read More

  • PPT Silica for Industrial Rubber and Shoes Sole/Footwear

    Contact NowPPT Silica for Industrial Rubber and Shoes Sole/FootwearMajor characteristics of this product include high reinforcement property, good tear strength, and good abrasion resistance. When applied in rubber products, it gives them excellent physical and processing properties. It is mainly used in the shoe soles, rubber hoses, and other rubber industries.Read More

  • PPT Silicon Dioxide Powder/Granular for Silicone Rubber/Rubber Reinforcement

    Contact NowPPT Silicon Dioxide Powder/Granular for Silicone Rubber/Rubber ReinforcementThis product uses low-iron sodium silicate as raw material, and features high purity and transparency, low iron-content, good anti-yellowing and reinforcing properties, etc. It is suitable for the silicone rubber industry. Adding silica will effectively improve the tensile strength and vulcanizing properties of silicone rubber.Read More

  • Silica Used In Plastic Roller And Hose

    Contact NowSilica Used In Plastic Roller And HoseGranular Silica used in plastic roller and hose(JS-185MP) Precipitated silica used in plastics is called silicon dioxide in the pllastics industry. It is a special material with relatively large surface area.White Carbon black can be used as filler in polyethylene, polypropylene, polybutene,...Read More

  • SiO2 For Glass Microphere

    Contact NowSiO2 For Glass MicrophereSilicon Dioxide for Glass Microphere/Glass Beads Hollow glass microsphere is a hollow glass sphere with small size. It belongs to inorganic nonmetallic materials. The typical particle size range is 10-180 microns, and the bulk density is 0.1-0.25 g / cubic centimeter. It has the advantages of...Read More